K-MAX History

K-MAX History

Best top case brand from Taiwan.

K-MAX Top Case Brand
K-MAX Top Case Brand

The top case brand K-Max was founded in 1992 and becomes one of the most compelling elements of Kuan Mei Plastic Co., Ltd. We had achieved brand awareness, positioning our top cases as the symbol of our company.

The K-Max brand image is high quality and iconic, that our company achieved ISO 9001:2015 certifications and our products has been sold to more than twenty countries such as Japan, North America, South Asia, Europe…etc.

We look forward to further bringing together our strengths in cooperation to take the customer experience to the next level.

Our long term goal is innovating and launching more creative products to satisfy the clients.

Kuan Mei provides the best top cases for motorcycle, service and price point. What makes our company so effective is the relationship with clients and agencies. We will continue to work hard and hope our brand K-Max becomes an internationally renowned brand of top cases.

50 Years Motorcycle Top Cases & Fairings Manufacturer | Kuan-Mei

Based in Taiwan, Kuan Mei Technology Co., Ltd, since 1970, is a manufacture of motorcycle top case, scooter headlight, motorcycle fairing and spare part. Sold in 20 countries, including Japan, North America, South Asia, Europe, etc.

Golden Pin Design Award-winning, ISO certified, a supplier of SYM and KYMCO, and the motorcycle spare part production line, including mold making, plastic injection, painting, assembly and so forth.

Kuan-Mei has been offering customers high-quality motorcycle top cases and fairings, both with advanced technology and 50 years of experience, Kuan-Mei ensure meet each customer's demands are met.

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